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| interwiki = {{External|rs|rsc}}
|exchange = gemw
|name = Garlic
|image = [[File:Garlic.png|Garlic]]
|equipable = No
|quest = No
|tradeable = Yes
|high = 1
|low = 1
|store = 3-12
|stackable = No
|examine = A clove of garlic.
|destroy = Drop
|weight = 0
|edible = no
|members = No
|release = 28 January [[2001]]
|update = New Quest: Vampire Slayer
[[File:Garlic detail.png|left|110px]]
'''Garlic''' is an item used for the [[Fishing Contest]], [[Desert Treasure]], and [[Vampire Slayer]] quests. Despite being a food, it cannot be eaten on its own. It is used, though, in making [[Spicy sauce]] and [[Guthix balance potion]]s.
Garlic may also be used along with a [[stake]] and a [[hammer]] to kill [[Count Draynor]], a level 34 [[Vampire]], at the end of the [[Vampire Slayer]] quest.
Players may grind garlic into [[garlic powder]] with a [[pestle and mortar]], which is used during the [[Desert Treasure]] quest.
==Obtaining garlic==
Garlic can be found at these locations:
* Respawns on a table in a house in [[Seers' Village]].
* Bought or thieved from the [[Spice seller]] in [[East Ardougne]].
* Respawns on the Red table of the cooking range house, near East [[Ardougne]]; located west side of Town square.
* Can be found in the cupboard upstairs in [[Morgan]]'s house, located in [[Draynor Village]]. (Look for quest icon on minimap)
* Bought or thieved from Greengrocer vegetable stall in [[Etceteria]] and [[Miscellania]].
* Can be found in a [[Teak larder]] of a [[Player-owned house]].
* Can be found in a chest underneath the pub in [[Burgh de Rott]].
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