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Gem rocks can be mined through the Mining skill in Shilo Village after a player has completed the Shilo Village quest or in the Lunar Isle mine after Lunar Diplomacy. A Mining level of 40 is required to mine gem rocks.

A gem rock uncovered under some jungle in Tai Bwo Wannai.

There is also another kind of gem rock, which appears when players play the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame. In these rocks, the gems the player will mine are clearly visible, encrusted on the outside. When mining gem rocks, players will get 65 Mining experience per rock. After completing the hard tasks in the Karamja Achievement Diary, a ladder will become available near the mine, granting access to more gem rocks.

The rocks regenerate in around 105 seconds (1:45) after being mined.

When a charged Amulet of glory is worn, the rate at which gem rocks are mined is improved.

When gem rocks are mined, one of the following gems are obtained instead of ores, in ascending rarity:

Uncut opal.png Opal (~46.86% or 60/128)
Uncut jade.png Jade (~23.26% or 30/128)
Uncut red topaz.png Red topaz (~11.76% or 15/128)
Uncut sapphire.png Sapphire (~7.14% or 9/128)
Uncut emerald.png Emerald (~3.94% or 5/128)
Uncut ruby.png Ruby (~3.89% or 5/128)
Uncut diamond.png Diamond (~3.15% or 4/128)
The average price per rock mined is 736.7432 coins.
Percentages are based on a sample of 145,701 mined gem rocks.

Note: The other gems (pearls, Dragonstones, Onyxes and Zenyte) are not obtainable from gem rocks.