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Ghost villagers are NPCs which inhabit Port Phasmatys.


All the inhabitants of this town were originally humans who thrived through trading. The town was very prosperous but the Lord Drakan started to demand blood tithes. Then during their time of need Necrovarus arrived and promised them a solution. He told them to dig directly down until they discovered a pool of green slime and to build a fountain on top of it, later names the Ectofuntus. When the townsfolk put the strange green slime and crushed bones into the fountain and worshipped at it, it created a green ghostly barrier that the vampyres couldn't pass which stopped them having to give blood tithes. At the time Necrovarus was hailed a hero.

However the fountain started to have a strange effect on the villagers. First it started with lack of hunger and obsession with the Ectofuntus. Over time they all turned into ghosts, and couldn't pass into the next world because of Necrovarus. The town was left in this state for thousands of years, with all the inhabitants left to wonder the remains of what was once a prosperous port.

In Ghosts Ahoy the player must get Necrovarus to allow the ghost villagers to pass into the next world.

A player must obtain votes from them during the Ghosts Ahoy quest. While signing the petition during Ghosts Ahoy), players can stick to 2 ghosts instead of wandering around the port finding new ghosts. Should players attempt to talk to them after the quest while still wearing a bedsheet, their character will say "Wooo wooo woooooooo", to which the villager replies, "Sorry, I don't speak ghost."

After Ghosts Ahoy without a bedsheet on, they say:

  • "We do not talk to warm-bloods."
  • "What do you want mortal?"
  • "Why do we have to listen to that maniacal priest?"
  • "The cold wind blows right through you, doesn't it?"
  • "Worship Ectofuntus all you want, but don't bother us human."


  • The phrase "We do not talk to warm-bloods" they sometimes say is possibly a reference to the Harry Potter's mud-bloods, a rude way of referring to people whose both parents were not wizards