The banner hung after defeating the Ghoul Champion.

The Ghoul Champion can only be fought after receiving the ghoul champion scroll as part of the Champions' Challenge minigame.

The special rule in this fight is that the player cannot use any equipment except weaponry.


Since the restriction disallows the use of the ammo slot, players wanting to use Ranged should note that the only weaponry that work are those that require no ammo in the ammo slot which are throwing weapons, the toxic blowpipe and crystal bow.

Players who do not want to take any damage can use a halberd or Ranged weapon and stay out of melee distance with Protect from Ranged active as the champion will not close in to use its melee attack.

A player duels with the Ghoul Champion.


Ghoul Champion reward.png
  • 400 Slayer icon.png experience
  • 400 Hitpoints icon.png experience
  • A banner hung under the Champions' Guild to proclaim victory over the Ghoul Champion.
  • A Champion's lamp which awards 4,000 Slayer and Hitpoints experience when rubbed. This is obtained from the Chest of Champions by the north side of the basement.

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