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A Gilded altar is the best altar that can be built in a player-owned house. It gives 250% prayer experience when a bone is used with it. With one Incense burner lit, it gives 300% prayer experience per bone. When both are lit, it gives 350% prayer experience. Any incense burners can be used to gain the same amount of experience. Incense burners are lit with Marrentill herbs.

To build a Gilded altar in the chapel room of the player owned house, the player needs 75 Construction, two Marble blocks, four Gold leaves, and two Bolts of cloth.

Item Store Price Units Needed Location
Marble Block 325,000 2 Keldagrim Stonemason
Gold Leaf 130,000 4 Keldagrim Stonemason
Bolt of Cloth 650 2 Varrock Sawmill Operator

Total store cost to build a Gilded Altar is: 1,171,300 coins.


A Construction level of 75 is required to build a gilded altar. It can theoretically be built as early as level 67 by using a crystal saw (+3 boost to level), and orange spicy stew with three doses of Orange spice (+5). However this could be difficult to achieve due to the random (-5/+5) boost that the orange spicy stew provides.

An option with guaranteed success requires 69 Construction and a POH tea (+3) (from Teak shelves 2) which, combined with the crystal saw, gives a total boost of +6.

Rimmington and Yanille on World 330 also often hosts open altars, and so this world is commonly used for training Prayer.

Using the Rimmington portal, it is easier and faster to get bones, as you can get your bones un-noted in the general store south of the Rimmington portal (5gp each noted item).

Experience per bones

Bones Burying XP No burners lit 1 Burner lit 2 Burners lit
Normal bones 4.5 11.25 13.5 15.75
Big bones 15 37.5 45 52.5
Zogre bones 22.5 56.25 67.5 78.75
Babydragon bones 30 75 90 105
Dragon bones 72 180 216 252
Wyvern bones
Lava dragon bones 85 212.5 255 297.5
Dagannoth bones 125 312.5 375 437.5
Superior dragon bones 150 375 450 525