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Glarial's Tombstone.

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Glarial's tomb. Strangely, there is a symbol of Zaros instead of Seren.

Glarial's Tomb is a dungeon underneath the tombstone near the Baxtorian Falls and Kingdom of Kandarin. To enter, the player needs a Glarial's pebble, which is obtained during Waterfall Quest, and must not have any weapons, armour or runes either equipped or in their inventory. Level 84 moss giants roam here.

Players can get Glarial's amulet in the west chest. The location is close to the Fishing Guild; use a Glarial's pebble with his tombstone and you may enter. This location can be re-entered after the Waterfall Quest has been completed in order to obtain Glarial's Amulet once again. This is useful as the amulet isn't kept upon completion of the quest and is needed to enter the door to the Waterfall Dungeon underneath the Baxtorian Falls, which contains fire giants.

Glarial's tomb is also involved with the Roving Elves quest. The player has to kill a moss giant completely unarmed and unarmoured (food and potions are allowed) to obtain a consecration seed.

The tomb has a roaming Mysterious ghost outside of it named Valdez, who can only be seen when wearing the Ring of visibility. This ghost starts the Ghostly robes miniquest.

Restricted items

Items not allowed here include:

The restrictions are much stricter than the restrictions to enter Entrana.

Allowed items

Allowed items include:


  • There was a glitch where players could have runes inside the tomb through rune packs and opening them inside. This was fixed as rune packs are no longer allowed.