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This is the quick guide for Goblin Diplomacy.
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Start point Quest point icon Speak to General Bentnoze or General Wartface in Goblin Village.
Official difficulty Novice
Description There's a disturbance in the Goblin Village. Help the goblins solve their dispute so the world doesn't have to worry about rioting goblins.
Length Very short if you bring the items; Short if you don't (2-15 mins).
Requirements None
Items required
Enemies to defeat None


  • Head to Goblin Village north of Falador.
  • If you haven't brought your three Goblin mails you may gather them from around the village in crates:
    • Up a ladder near the entrance.
    • Inside the western hut in between the small square hut and the generals' hut.
    • Behind the generals' hut.
  • Dye one set of goblin mail blue, another orange, and leave the third set brown.
  • Talk to the goblin generals and offer to pick a colour for them. (Chat 33)
  • Keep talking to them and giving them armour until they settle on the brown armour. (Chat ~333)
  • Quest complete!

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