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The Goblin symbol book, or A History of the Goblin Race, is part of the Lost Tribe quest. It has some symbols in it that help in the navigation of the maze of tunnels leading to the Dorgeshuun's mine.

It's found in the Varrock Library, and after doing the quest, the book is re-obtainable from a bookcase in a Player owned house, and from the Varrock Library, in north bookcase on the west wall.


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Goblin tradition holds that their race was created by a war-god in order to fight a war against other gods.

(They never name their god, so whether it is the same as any of the gods worshipped by the other races is unknown.)

The legends also speak of goblins fighting against goblins during the wars, so it is likely that gods other than their creators used them as footsoldiers.

Although goblins are still warlike, in earlier ages they were more organised than they are now, especially if they were under the direct command of one or more gods.

This is corroborated by finds unearthed at various archaeological sites, including the large excavation east of Varrock.

Armour and weapons have been found, obviously made to fit goblins but far more well-made than their current equipment.

Almost every piece of ancient goblin equipment has one of a number of symbols on it, and by correlating these symbols with the sketchy records that survive from the Third Age it has been possible to identify twelve distinct goblin tribes or regiments.

The separate identities of the tribes have long since dissolved and no goblins remember the symbols, although their generals may still recognise the ancient tribal names.

In the following pages I present a list of the tribes and their symbols.

Thorobshuun symbol.png -Thorobshuun-
Goblins of the
Goblins of the
Ekeleshuun symbol.png
Garagorshuun symbol.png -Garagorshuun-
Goblins of the
Goblins of the
Idithuun symbol.png
Rekeshuun symbol.png -Rekeshuun-
Goblins of the
Goblins of the
Narogoshuun symbol.png
Drogokishuun symbol.png -Drogokishuun-
Goblins of the
Fierce Blades
Goblins of the
Strong Spears
Dorgeshuun symbol.png
Huzamogaarb symbol.png -Huzamogaarb-
Live-Flesh Eaters
of the Chaos God
Eaters of
Horogothgar symbol.png
Saragorgak symbol.png -Saragorgak-
Footsoldiers of
Holy Wrath
The Flatulent
Yurkolgokh symbol.png