God pages (also known as torn pages) are rewards from Treasure Trails and can be obtained by any of the 5 clue scroll levels. Each God page comes colour coded to represent their respective gods. Saradomin is white, Guthix is green, Zamorak is red, Armadyl is silver, Zaros is purple, and Bandos is brown. Each god has 4 individual pages numbered 1-4. Once you have obtained all 4 pages from one god in particular you can use it on a damaged book from that respective god to restore the book to its true potential.

Book of darkness

Ancient page Exchange price Total price
Ancient page 1.png Ancient page 1 151,485 660,410
Ancient page 2.png Ancient page 2 175,279
Ancient page 3.png Ancient page 3 188,152
Ancient page 4.png Ancient page 4 145,494

Book of law

Armadyl page Exchange price Total price
Armadyl page 1.png Armadyl page 1 103,394 463,187
Armadyl page 2.png Armadyl page 2 103,018
Armadyl page 3.png Armadyl page 3 112,474
Armadyl page 4.png Armadyl page 4 144,301

Book of war

Bandos page Exchange price Total price
Bandos page 1.png Bandos page 1 1,598 6,477
Bandos page 2.png Bandos page 2 1,604
Bandos page 3.png Bandos page 3 1,646
Bandos page 4.png Bandos page 4 1,629

Holy book

Saradomin page Exchange price Total price
Saradomin page 1.png Saradomin page 1 2,284 9,271
Saradomin page 2.png Saradomin page 2 2,456
Saradomin page 3.png Saradomin page 3 2,312
Saradomin page 4.png Saradomin page 4 2,219

Book of balance

Guthix page Exchange price Total price
Guthix page 1.png Guthix page 1 2,723 9,004
Guthix page 2.png Guthix page 2 2,198
Guthix page 3.png Guthix page 3 1,998
Guthix page 4.png Guthix page 4 2,085

Unholy book

Zamorak page Exchange price Total price
Zamorak page 1.png Zamorak page 1 427,150 499,672
Zamorak page 2.png Zamorak page 2 463,967
Zamorak page 3.png Zamorak page 3 143,747
Zamorak page 4.png Zamorak page 4 120,496
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