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The golden goblin is a quest item used in the Grim Tales quest, acquired after killing a cloud giant named Glod found atop a giant beanstalk.

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Glod 138 1 1; Always


Long ago, a greedy goblin named Gubblebak was overseeing the smelting of molten gold when his goblin workers mutinied on him. Gubblebak tripped and fell into the vat of gold, and although he managed to escape he was still coated with the metal. He then jumped into a water trough, hardening the layer of gold and encasing him as the statue he is today.

Present Day

The cloud giant, Glod, somehow managed to get the golden goblin and must be killed in order to get the goblin and bring it to Sylas in Taverley to complete Grim Tales.

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