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Golova is the owner of The Haymaker's Arms tavern in the Hosidius House in Great Kourend.

She is the sister of Logava and Bologa, and the granddaughter of Farmer Gricoller. As with most of the Hosidius House, she is a follower of Saradomin. She fired her sister Bologa because she brought "bad people" to the bar, as Bologa and other followers of Zamorak kept convening in her tavern.

Furthermore, there are no juniper trees north of The Haymaker's Arms.

Lastly, Farmer Gricoller lives to the south-east not north-east and the are no sloughed fields to the north east, however, there are plugged fields between The Haymaker's Arms and Farmer Gricoller's house in the form of the Tithe Farm.