Goutweed detail

Goutweed is a rare herb that is not currently used in Herblore, but rather traded to Sanfew in Taverley for random herbs at a 1:1 ratio.

Goutweed is obtained in three ways:

It is an item required in the Eadgar's Ruse, Dream Mentor and Dragon Slayer II quests.

Obtaining goutweed

During and after Eadgar's Ruse, goutweed can be freely obtained in the Troll Stronghold. The goutweed is in the storeroom and guarded by trolls that must be avoided.


The probabilities in this section are an estimation based on the data of exchanging 500 goutweed. The average value of trading in one goutweed is 810 gp according to these estimates.
Item Chance Sell Price
Guam leaf Guam leaf 26.2% 26
Marrentill Marrentill 15.6% 24
Tarromin Tarromin 12.2% 153
Harralander Harralander 11.8% 706
Ranarr weed Ranarr weed 6% 7682
Irit leaf Irit 6.6% 789
Avantoe Avantoe 4.6% 1848
Kwuarm Kwuarm 2.2% 1195
Cadantine Cadantine 2.6% 1339
Lantadyme Lantadyme 2.2% 1419
Dwarf weed Dwarf weed 1.7% 427

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