This article is about the tunnels beneath the Grand Tree as a whole. For the mines found within those tunnels, see Grand Tree mine.

A map of the tunnels.

The Grand Tree Tunnels is a dungeon located beneath the Grand Tree and is only accessible during and after The Grand Tree quest.

Central area

King Narnode Shareen and some gnome guards can be found by the ladder leading to the ground floor of the Grand Tree. The central area has a number of large roots, which play a role in The Grand Tree quest.

Southern area

The southern area is little used except during The Grand Tree quest. The large "blue rock" chamber on the south-east is where the player fights a Black demon that Glough sends to kill you. This chamber has several blue rocks that appear to be mithril but cannot be mined and has a ladder to Glough's house. The ladder, however, is broken and cannot be used.

Northern area (the mine)

Main article: Grand Tree mine

The northern area can be accessed after the quest by pushing the roots that block access to it from the central area. No hatchet or other equipment is required to push the roots aside. The mine has clay, iron, silver, coal, gold, mithril, and adamantite ore rocks.





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