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This article is about the mine beneath the Grand Tree. For the entire tunnels beneath the Grand Tree, see Grand Tree Tunnels.

A map of the tunnels.

The Grand Tree mine is an area in the northern part of the Grand Tree Tunnels and is only accessible after The Grand Tree quest. Players can enter the mine after the quest by pushing the roots that block access from the central area. No axe or other equipment is required to push the roots aside.

Within the mine lie two slightly separated mining areas: one to the east and one to the west. The eastern area is more popular than the western area, as it has many coal rocks, some gold rocks, some mithril rocks, and some adamantite rocks. The western area has no coal, gold, or adamantite rocks. It does have a few silver rocks, some mithril rocks, and several iron rocks. The mine has the following rocks in total:

Rock type Eastern mine Western mine Total
Clay rock 10 5 15
Iron rock 1 7 8
Silver rock 0 4 4
Coal rock 11 0 11
Gold rock 4 0 4
Mithril rock 2 2 4
Adamantite rock 3 0 3