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Granite boots detail.png

Granite boots are boots made out of granite rock. They require level 50 Defence and Strength to equip, offering strength bonus and defensive stats superior to rune boots.

Unlike most melee boots, they also provide a Ranged defence bonus.

They are obtained as a drop from wyverns in the Wyvern Cave.

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Ancient Wyvern 210 1 4; Rare (1/600)
Spitting Wyvern 139 1 5; Very rare (1/2,560)
Taloned Wyvern 147 1 5; Very rare (1/2,560)
Long-tailed Wyvern 152 1 5; Very rare (1/2,560)


  • These boots are worn by Dondakan years before their actual release. After completing the quest Between a Rock..., you have the option to buy them from him, but he will refuse to sell them to you no matter how much you offer him.