Grave digger chathead

The Grave digger, known as Sander, is a ghost who is found in the western area of the Shayzien House, just west of the Graveyard of Heroes.

He has little memory of his past life, only knowing that he was killed by an unknown assailant while digging graves.

After using History and hearsay on Kharedst's memoirs, it can be used on him to uncover additional dialogue.


If the player does not have a ghostspeak amulet equipped:

  • Grave digger: Wooo wooo wooooo!
  • Player: Sorry, I don't speak ghost.
    • Grave digger: Woo woo?
    • Player: Nope, still don't understand you.
    • Grave digger: WOOOOOOOOO!
    • Player: Never mind.
  • Player: Mmmm, should I be writing this down?
    • Grave digger: Woo wooo. Woooooooooooooooooo!
  • Player: I'll come back later.
    • Grave digger: Wooooooo woo! Wooooo woo wooooo woowoowoo woo. Woo wooo. Wooooo woo woo? Woooooooooooooooooo!

If the player has a ghostspeak amulet equipped:

  • Player: How's it going?
  • Grave digger: I'm dead.
  • Player: Maybe you should try looking on the bright side of...
  • Grave digger: ...Of?
  • Player: Oh, yeah. Nevermind.
  • Grave digger: Ok.

If the player uses Kharedst's memoirs (with History and hearsay included) on him:

  • Player: Are you the grave digger this entry mentions?
  • You show him 'History and Hearsay'.
  • Grave digger: It seems likely, but I've no recollection of this conversation.
  • Player: That's odd, did you forget a lot when you...
  • Grave digger: Died? I guess some memories have faded, but my death still lingers within me.
  • Player: How did it happen?
  • Grave digger: I was minding my own business while digging a grave when suddenly there was a loud metallic sound.
  • Player: And then?
  • Grave digger: I was dead... I recall seeing a man a few yards from me, speaking out loud, yet nobody else was around...
  • Player: And?
  • Grave digger: I thought I could hear a woman's voice respond, but it was likely just the wind.
  • Player: That's very peculiar.
  • Grave digger: I wouldn't think on it too long, I'd just died, my emotions were unbearable.
  • Player: I'll let you know if I figure anything out. What's your name?
  • Grave digger: Please do. My name? It's um... Sander.
  • Player: Pleased to meet you Sander, I'll see you around.

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