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Mature greenman's ale is an extremely valuable and sought after brew that is the result of player-made ale brewing and requires a Cooking level of 29. When consumed, this stat enhancing beer provides a temporary boost to the player's Herblore level by +2, as opposed the +1 boost provided by its regular-strength counterpart. It is the stronger, or 'mature' version of a greenman's ale.

The mature ale may be required to show to Falo the Bard to progress through a master clue scroll.


  • Increases Herblore by 2 levels for the standard duration of stat restoration (about 60 seconds at +2, followed by 60 seconds at +1)
  • Heals 1 hitpoints
  • Lowers Attack and Strength by 2 levels

The full recipe for standard greenman's ale is as follows (in the order given):

  1. 2 Buckets of water
  2. 2 Barley malt
  3. (optional) 1 "The stuff," to increase chance of maturity
  4. 4 Harralanders
  5. 1 Ale yeast
  6. Wait 1-2 days
  7. Collect the completed ale using 8 beer glasses or 2 calquat kegs


During the brewing process, there is random chance that the batch of ale will turn out mature. This happens during the brewing process, not after. Leaving a normal ale in the vat after it has fully set will not make it turn mature, nor will it go bad. The chance of brewing a mature ale can be increased by 50% by adding a package of the stuff to the brewing vat. Chance of maturity is also affected by a player's Cooking level, but not by all that much; higher Cooking level mostly results in a lower chance of the ale going bad.

Note: "The stuff" is acquired from Honest Jimmy on Mos Le'Harmless for the price of 50 pieces of eight, which are rewarded to the player for playing the activity Trouble Brewing. Players receive pieces of eight even if they lose the game, and usually receive around 80-200 pieces of eight per game (ranging from both losing to winning). Players can easily gain a large enough of a stack of pieces of eight from 2-3 rounds of Trouble Brewing to last through several months of brewing ales non-stop. On a related note, the shop stock of "The stuff" is 10 per day.