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Start point Quest point icon Talk to Sylas in Taverley.
Official difficulty Master
Description "Once upon a time in a land far, far away..." Sylas, a collector of items both wondrous and unusual seeks out the latest additions to his trove with a somewhat unusual prize for the finder.

Terrors and towers await; fierce battles with giant beasts; striding boldly to rescue a dwarf in distress! Not a quest for the meek or faint-hearted, prepare yourself for a feast of fairy-tale fun with rewards a-plenty! The Brothers Grimm could never have foretold a tale such as this...

Length Medium
Items required


Enemies to defeat Glod (level 138)


Griffin's feather

Path to the Griffin

The path to Grimgnash, the griffin.

Items required: None

  • Talk to Sylas by the POH portal in Taverley. (Chat 5)
  • Talk to Grimgnash the griffin on the NE side of White Wolf Mountain (see map). (Chat 1124431)
  • Steal a feather from next to his nest.
  • Return to Sylas and give him the feather. (Chat 3)

Rupert's helmet

Items required: None

  • Go to the stone tower south of the mind altar.
  • Climb over the crumbling wall. (58 Thieving)
  • Talk-into to the drain pipe twice. (Chat 22)
  • Climb the beard and talk to Rupert the Beard. (59 Agility)
  • Climb down and talk to Miazrqa behind the tower. (Chat 2444)

Miazrqa's pendant

Music sheet read

Music sheet

Items required: leather gloves (optional), 2 tarromin potions (unf)

  • Enter the basement of the Witch's House in Taverley.
  • Play the notes E-F-E-D-C on the right side, then A-E-G-A on the left side.
  • Search the piano.
  • Add the Shrunk ogleroot to your unfinished potions (52 Herblore).
  • Go to the ground floor[?] and drink a shrinking potion by the mouse hole.

Note: If you need another shrunk ogleroot you must get one by killing Experiments No.2 in the witch's basement.

Note: Level 95 mice will attack you while in this area, hitting up to 9 damage. Protect from Melee prayer is advised if in low armour gear.

  • Climb up the nails to the north-east.
  • Climb up the nails to the south-west.
  • Climb up the nails to the south.
  • Climb down the nails to the north-east.
  • Climb up the nails to the north-east.
  • Take the pendant.
  • Give the pendant to Miazrqa.

The beanstalk

Items required: Combat equipment, any woodcutting axe, a seed dibber, a watering can, Rupert's helmet and a shrink potion

  • Give Sylas the Rupert's helmet.
  • Plant and water the beans in the plot SW of the Taverley tree patch (45 Farming).
  • Climb up the beanstalk (59 Agility).
    • Warning: This area is instanced, if you die you will lose your items.
  • Defeat Glod and pick up the golden goblin.
  • Talk to Sylas.
  • Use a shrinking potion on the beanstalk then chop it down (71 Woodcutting).
  • Talk to Sylas.

Quest complete!


Grim Tales reward scroll

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