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The Guardian of Dawn, an effigy of grace and rebirth who keeps watch to the east.


The Guardian of Dusk, a monument to service and fortitude who keeps watch to the west.

The Grotesque Guardians are a pair of gargoyles found on the Slayer Tower's rooftop, whose entrance is found on the 2nd floor[?]. In order to access the roof, players must obtain a brittle key from gargoyles while assigned them for a Slayer task. The pair consists of Dusk and Dawn.

Similar to other Slayer bosses, such as Cerberus and the Abyssal Sire, the Grotesque Guardians can only be killed while the player is assigned gargoyles or the Guardians themselves as a slayer task.

The fight is instanced, with a maximum of eight instances per world. If there are no instances available, a message in the chatbox will state The roof of the slayer tower is currently full. If the player dies during the fight, lost items will be placed in a magical chest near the roof entrance. Before players can reclaim their items, they must pay 50,000 coins. Note that if players die a second time anywhere without reclaiming the items the chest is holding for the player, they will be permanently lost, unless the death occurs within a safe minigame, such as the Nightmare Zone.

Fighting Grotesque Guardians

A player fights the Grotesque Guardians.

The fight

Like gargoyles, players must bring a rock hammer, rock thrownhammer, or granite hammer to finish them off.

To initiate the fight, players must ring the Cloister Bell in the north side of the roof. This will trigger a cutscene in which the Guardians will awaken, and the fight will begin. If players have killed the Guardians more than five times, the Cloister Bell will have a "Quick-start" option, which will skip the cutscene and start the fight directly. Attempting to ring the bell again before the fight is over will yield the message Concentrate on your fight! in the chatbox.

Grotesque Guardians special attack

The Grotesque Guardians perform their lightning special attack.

In the beginning of the fight, players must attack Dawn with Ranged attacks (as she cannot be harmed with Melee and is resistant to Magic), as Dusk cannot be harmed during this phase of the fight. Once her health has reached half, both will perform a lightning special attack that has an AoE of 3x3, rapidly dealing up to 5-10 damage per tick. After doing so, she will fly away, and players must attack Dusk.

Dusk special attack

The player is knocked back by Dusk's explosive attack.

During this phase of the fight, Dusk's wings may glow, and will perform an explosive attack. If players do not run away from him when he does so, the player will be dealt 30+ damage and be knocked back. In addition, debris may fall around the roof, which can deal up to 22 damage and stun players for a brief period of time. Once his health has reached half, Dusk will perform the lightning special attack once more with Dawn.

After returning, Dawn will send out two or three energy spheres that will grow larger over time.
Dusk 2nd form special attack

The player is damaged by the prison of purple flames, healing Dusk.

Players must absorb these spheres, taking 2 damage if absorbed immediately, and can deal up to 10 or 20 damage if players absorb them later. If players ignore them entirely, each sphere will heal Dawn for 90 Hitpoints.

After defeating Dawn, Dusk will absorb her essence, and initiate the final phase of the fight. Here, he is stronger, can use melee and ranged attacks, and may drag players to a prison of purple flames. Players must escape the prison (by clicking anywhere outside it), or they will be dealt 60+ damage, which heals Dusk.


In addition to the 100% drop of granite dust, the player will also have two rolls on the Grotesque Guardians' drop table.


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Granite dust Granite dust 50–100 Always Not sold


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Rune pickaxe Rune pickaxe 1 Uncommon 18,791
Rune full helm Rune full helm 1 Uncommon 20,658
Rune battleaxe Rune battleaxe 1 Uncommon 24,511
Rune platelegs Rune platelegs 1 Uncommon 37,872
Rune 2h sword Rune 2h sword 1 Uncommon 37,938
Dragon longsword Dragon longsword 1 Rare 59,341
Adamant boots Adamant boots 1 Rare 1,076
Granite maul Granite maul 1 Rare 29,836
Granite gloves Granite gloves 1 Rare (1/500)[1] 291,020
Granite ring Granite ring 1 Rare (1/500)[1] 56,501
Granite hammer Granite hammer 1 Rare (1/750)[1] 1,005,731
Dragon med helm Dragon med helm 1 Rare 59,175


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Coal Coal 183–250 (noted) Uncommon 25,986–35,500
Gold ore Gold ore 40–50 (noted) Uncommon 12,440–15,550
Runite ore Runite ore 3–6 (noted) Uncommon 32,997–65,994
Gold bar Gold bar 35–50 (noted) Uncommon 3,185–4,550
Mithril bar Mithril bar 35–45 (noted) Uncommon 23,135–29,745
Adamantite bar Adamantite bar 25–58 (noted) Uncommon 50,300–116,696
Runite bar Runite bar 3–9 (noted) Uncommon 37,398–112,194


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Chaos rune Chaos rune 100–150 Common 8,300–12,450
Death rune Death rune 61–100 Common 12,688–20,800
Dragon dart tip Dragon dart tip 15–25 Uncommon 44,070–73,450
Diamond bolt tips 5 Diamond bolt tips 100–149 Uncommon 17,400–25,926
Dragonstone bolt tips 5 Dragonstone bolt tips 19–38 Uncommon 4,142–8,284
Onyx bolt tips 5 Onyx bolt tips 5–10 Rare 40,760–81,520
Dragon arrowtips 5 Dragon arrowtips 50–150 Rare 33,100–99,300


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Coins 10000 Coins 10,003–25,000 Common Not sold
Mushroom potato Mushroom potato 4–6 Common 3,064–4,596
Super combat potion(2) Super combat potion(2) 1 Common [2] 4,830
Ranging potion(2) Ranging potion(2) 1 Common [2] 405
Magic potion(2) Magic potion(2) 1 Common [2] 58
Saradomin brew(4) Saradomin brew(4) 2 Common 7,370
Prayer potion(4) Prayer potion(4) 1–2 Uncommon 9,972–19,944
Crystal key Crystal key 1 Uncommon 21,604
Clue scroll (elite) Clue scroll (elite) 1 Rare (1/230) Not sold
Black tourmaline core Black tourmaline core 1 Very rare (1/1,000)[1] 5,281,302
Noon Noon 1 Very rare (1/3,000)[3] Not sold
Jar of stone Jar of stone 1 Very rare (1/5,000) 2,391,958
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 This is the drop rate for each of the two rolls (see Mod Ash's tweet).
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 These three potions are always dropped together.
  3. The player will always receive Noon, but they can use the "Metamorphosis" option while being followed to switch between Noon and Midnight.

Concept art


Grotesque Guardians artwork

A piece of artwork depicting the Grotesque Guardians.

  • Upon release, the Grotesque Guardians could be assigned as a boss task even if players have not yet unlocked the roof entrance with the brittle key. This was hot-fixed within a few hours of the boss's release, allowing players to cancel the task for free.
  • Upon release, Dusk and Dawn had 600 hitpoints each. This was reduced to 450 in an update on 12 July 2018 after passing the Revenant Cave Rewards: Revisited & Content Changes Poll.
  • Originally players used a portal to access the Guardians. This was changed into a staircase in an update to make it thematically appropriate.

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