This article is about Grim Reaper's pet skeleton hellhound. For the God Wars Dungeon bodyguard, see Growler.

Growler is the Grim Reaper's pet found in his mansion during the 2014 Halloween event. Players can only interact with it; he can not be attacked.

In the 2014 Hallowe'en event, it was revealed that Growler ate the postman and made a complete mess of Death's house, which forced Death to hire the player to clean up the place before his new servant arrived, as he didn't wish to seem completely incapable of looking after himself.

A player dies as he teases Growler.

During the event, he could be interacted with in a number of ways, including stroking him, trying to entertain him, and blowing a raspberry at him. If a raspberry was blown at him, he could kill a player instantly, although they would respawn in the mansion with all their items.

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