This article is about the statue located in the Chambers of Xeric. For the statue used in the Mage Training Arena, see Guardian statue.

Guardians are statues which appear in groups of two as a boss room in the Chambers of Xeric. These statues must be destroyed in order to pass the room, and can only be harmed with pickaxes; all other sources of damage will not count. Damage done to the guardians takes both Strength and Mining level into account. Attempting to enter the passage they are guarding will result in the guardian knocking the player back for moderate damage.

The guardians attack with Melee and can occasionally stomp the ground, dealing moderate to heavy damage in a 3x3 area. Due to the guardians' stomping attack, it is highly recommended to flinch them to reduce the amount of damage taken. This can be done by attacking the guardian and immediately running 3-4 spaces away, waiting until its health bar disappears and repeating.

The strengths and hit points of the guardian is dependent on the party size.


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Buchu seed 3 Buchu seed 3–5 Always Not sold
Golpar seed 3 Golpar seed 3–5 Always Not sold
Noxifer seed 3 Noxifer seed 3–5 Always Not sold
Chambers of Xeric - Guardian statue

Players attacking the guardian statues.

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