Guardian mummy chathead

The Guardian mummy runs the Pyramid Plunder minigame. Players can find the mummy inside the pyramid, where you can also start the Pyramid Plunder minigame. The pyramid has 4 anonymous looking doors and it's up to the player to find the right one. The right door is completely random and changes over time. If players pick the wrong door, the room inside will look the same but there will be no mummy inside to start the minigame. When picking the correct door, there is a possibility of being punched by the Guardian mummy or entering into the pyramid.

The Guardian mummy has a "Start-minigame" option in order to start the minigame quickly.

If a player successfully loots a Pharaoh's sceptre from a Grand Gold Chest, Annoyed guardian mummy can be briefly seen in some of the rooms saying Grr, someone has found the pharaoh's sceptre! Right! That's it. I'm clearing all the urns and refilling them now. The player who found the sceptre will never see him as he immediately removes them from the pyramid.

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