This article is about the statue used in the Magic Training Arena. For the statue located in the Chambers of Xeric, see Guardian.

The guardian statue is an item used in the Telekinetic Grab mazes of the Mage Training Arena. Unlike other items, casting Telekinetic Grab on the guardian statue will not pick it up to the inventory; instead, it will move the item as far as it can towards the player before it hits an obstacle. The spell needs to be cast on the statue to solve the mazes. The statue has 2 options: observe, which turns the camera into a top-down view of the whole maze, and reset, which returns the statue to its starting point. When the statue reaches the end point, it turns into a Maze Guardian which can be used to start the next puzzle.

After an update to make the telekenetic room faster, this no longer exists. Instead the NPC is used in the puzzle and is moved, rather than the still statue. Most likely something forgot about when changing how it worked so a player can walk while the statue is moving.

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