Guide prices
Guide Prices interface

The Guide prices interface.

The Guide Price (also called the Price checker) is an interface showing the current price of tradeable items from the Grand Exchange. The interface is located within the Worn Equipment tab.

The guide price consists of a small window in which an item from the inventory can be added or removed, while actively displaying the total and individual current Grand Exchange market price of each item(s). The prices of up to 28 different items can be checked in this interface. If a player clicks an untradeable item or attempts to price check a members item on a free to play world, text then appears, stating: "You cannot trade that item".

If the value of items displayed in the Guide Price window exceeds 231-1 (2,147,483,647) coins, the total guide price is listed as '----'. This occurs because Old School RuneScape computes values using 32-bit two's complement integers, and therefore cannot output values exceeding 231-1.

At the bottom of the interface, the total value of all of the items is shown at the bottom on the centre. At the bottom-left, players can find prices of any item from the Grand Exchange to find their current price without the need of going to the Grand Exchange.

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