Gunnjorn chathead

Gunnjorn is a Barbarian who maintains the Barbarian Outpost agility center, located north-east of the Grand Tree. The easiest way to travel to him is with the Games necklace teleport, or the Minigame Group Finder after completing the Barbarian Assault tutorial.

You must have completed the Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl to be able to access the Barbarian outpost agility area to speak to him.

He gives you a Lighthouse key in the Horror from the Deep quest, after you tell him that Larrisa has been locked out from the Lighthouse.

When talking to him he will say:

  • "Welcome to my obstacle course. Have fun, but remember this isn't a child's playground. People have died here."
  • "The best way to train, is to go round the course in a clockwise direction."

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