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A player wearing a full set of Guthan's equipment.

Guthan the Infested's equipment is obtainable from the Barrows minigame. Completing the minigame gives players the chance of obtaining Barrows item. Like all Barrows armour, Guthan's armour requires level 70 Defence to wear. Guthan's warspear requires level 70 Attack to wield. It is only tradeable when fully repaired or fully degraded.

Guthan's set is popular among mid- to high-level players for Combat training, as the armour has very strong defensive bonuses and the set effect nearly eliminates the need for food. Guthan's set may also be used in situations where inventory space is scarce and a lot of healing may be needed, such as in the TzHaar Fight Cave. Guthan's set is used by many high-levelled players at aggressive monsters (such as Bandits or Dagannoths) to AFK (away from keyboard) as the set heals the wearer at a consistent rate.

Despite its advantages, there are some situations in which using Guthan's set is not recommended. Fighting dragons, for example, requires the use of an anti-dragon shield, and the Guthan's warspear is two-handed, so a shield cannot be used while using Guthan's set to heal. Fighting dust devils or any monster in the Smoke Dungeon while wearing Guthan's is unwise, as a facemask or equivalent item must be worn to prevent heavy damage and/or stat drain. While Guthan's is useful for Slayer tasks as it allows for extended trips, it does not allow for use of a black mask or Slayer helmet. Some players get around this by wearing a black mask or Slayer helmet and switching to Guthan's only when healing is needed. Furthermore, it is important to note that the set effect does not activate on every hit, so there is always risk involved with relying on it for healing, especially against monsters that can do a lot of damage in a short time, such as black demons.

Guthan's spear only gives shared XP or Defence XP, so it's not recommended if you want to train Strength or Attack.

As with all Barrows equipment, this armour cannot be made with the Smithing skill. However, a higher Smithing level reduces the cost of repair at an armour stand.

Set effect

A player activating Guthan's set effect, Infestation.

Infestation: Successful attacks have a 25% chance of healing the wielder an amount of Hitpoints equal to the damage dealt. For example, a hit for 20 damage will heal up to 20 Hitpoints if the effect occurs. It is also possible for the set effect to activate on an attack dealing 0 damage; however, no Hitpoints will be healed.

Since the set effect triggers randomly, there is a still chance you need to eat food or teleport away to avoid dying.


Item GE Price GE Price at 0
Guthan's helm 550,010 561,687
Guthan's platebody 819,022 745,664
Guthan's chainskirt 427,208 337,647
Guthan's warspear 917,108 912,363
Total 2,713,348 2,557,361

Note: GE prices of Guthan's equipment at 0 charge may not accurately reflect its value due to inactivity on the GE.

Components and bonuses

Players wearing Guthan's set will be able to heal 10 Hitpoints above their base Hitpoints level if an Amulet of the damned is worn.

Item Attack Bonus Defence Bonus Other Bonus
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Strength Prayer
Guthan's helm.png Guthan's helm 0 0 0 -6 -2 +55 +58 +54 -1 +62 0 0
Guthan's platebody.png Guthan's platebody 0 0 0 -30 -10 +122 +120 +107 -6 +132 0 0
Guthan's chainskirt.png Guthan's chainskirt 0 0 0 -14 -7 +75 +72 +73 -4 +82 0 0
Guthan's warspear.png Guthan's warspear +75 +75 +75 0 0 +7 +7 +7 0 0 +75 0
Total +75 +75 +75 -50 -19 +259 +257 +241 -11 +276 +75 0