Guthix blessed d'hide armour equipped

A player wearing a Guthix dragonhide set.

The Guthix blessed d'hide armour is a set of Ranged armour blessed by Guthix. It requires 40 Defence and 70 Ranged to wear. Pieces of the armour can be obtained as rewards from Treasure Trails. The set comprises a coif, body, chaps, vambraces, and boots.


Item Exchange price
Guthix coif Guthix coif 61,884
Guthix dragonhide Guthix dragonhide 297,866
Guthix chaps Guthix chaps 139,739
Guthix bracers Guthix bracers 10,755
Guthix d'hide boots Guthix d'hide boots 689,196
Total 1,199,440

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