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Guthix rest is a tea which functions similar to a potion. The player learns how to make this tea during the One Small Favour quest, and can still make it after completing the quest. Level 18 Herblore is required to make this tea.

Guthix rest tea is made from 2 Guam leaves, a harralander, and a marrentill. To make it, heat a bowl of water on a range or fire. Use the heated water on an empty tea cup and add the herbs to make herb tea mix. Once all the herbs are added you will make a 3-dose Guthix rest tea. These can be decanted into 4-dose cups. Making it grants 59.5 Herblore experience.

Each dose will:

  • Reduce venom to poison, or reduce poison damage by 1
  • Restore 5% energy
  • Heal 5 hitpoints, which can also boost up to 5 above your HP level if you are at full health.

Note: This tea cannot be used unless you have partially completed One Small Favour

Price per Dose

Item Price per dose
File:Guthix rest(1).png Guthix rest(1) 405
File:Guthix rest(2).png Guthix rest(2) 361
File:Guthix rest(3).png Guthix rest(3) 374
File:Guthix rest(4).png Guthix rest(4) 409


  • When first released, there was a bug that caused the tea to restore all of the user's health. The bug was quickly fixed.
  • All doses of Guthix rest appear the same.
  • Guthix rest can be used instead of energy potions, if your herblore is too low.
  • If you attempt to make Guthix rest before starting One Small Favour, then you receive the message in your chatbox "You have no idea what effect this would have" when trying to add a herb to the cup of hot water.