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H.A.M. Member (male) chathead
H.A.M. Member (female) chathead

H.A.M. members can be found in the H.A.M. Hideout northwest of Lumbridge. They are part of the Humans Against Monsters group, as such, they believe humans to be superior over what they view as inferior races. They are low ranking members that follow the orders of high-ranked members such as the H.A.M. Deacon, Sigmund, and Johanhus Ulsbrecht.

Players with 15 Thieving may pickpocket female members, while players with level 20 can pickpocket male members, receiving 18.5 and 22.2 experience respectively. If you are caught pickpocketing multiple times there is a chance you may be beaten unconscious and are taken outside of the main area. When players awaken they may find themselves inside a jail cell with Jimmy the Chisel or may find themselves thrown outside of the H.A.M. Hideout. A player can reduce their chances of being put in jail or thrown outside by wearing H.A.M. robes. A full H.A.M. set is not required to see some benefit as each piece reduces your chances of being ejected. However, wearing H.A.M. robes does not increase the chances of successful pickpockets.[1]

They are a popular source of easy clue scrolls for low-level and Ironmen accounts due to their low requirements. Ironmen also benefit from buttons which are used in Animal Magnetism and rusty swords used for the Easy Ardougne Diary.

While wearing the Thieving cape, players will always succeed when pickpocketing H.A.M. members. This makes it very easy to acquire easy clue scrolls.


Thievable items

Weapons and Armour

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Bronze arrow 5 Bronze arrow 1–15 Common 4–60
Bronze axe Bronze axe 1 Common 92
Bronze dagger Bronze dagger 1 Common 66
Bronze pickaxe Bronze pickaxe 1 Common 85
Iron axe Iron axe 1 Common 28
Iron dagger Iron dagger 1 Common 18
Iron pickaxe Iron pickaxe 1 Common 56
Leather body Leather body 1 Uncommon 19
Ham boots Ham boots 1 Uncommon 2,581
Ham cloak Ham cloak 1 Uncommon 1,988
Ham gloves Ham gloves 1 Uncommon 846
Ham hood Ham hood 1 Uncommon 163
Ham logo Ham logo 1 Uncommon 2,295
Ham robe Ham robe 1 Uncommon 305
Ham shirt Ham shirt 1 Uncommon 102
Steel arrow 5 Steel arrow 1–13 Uncommon 33–429
Steel axe Steel axe 1 Uncommon 113
Steel dagger Steel dagger 1 Uncommon 50
Steel pickaxe Steel pickaxe 1 Uncommon 935


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Buttons Buttons 1 Common Not sold
Coins 5 Coins 1–21 Common Not sold
Feather Feather 1–7 Common 3–21
Knife Knife 1 Common 91
Logs Logs 1 Common 13
Needle Needle 1 Common 18
Raw anchovies Raw anchovies 1–3 Common 84–252
Raw chicken Raw chicken 1 Common 43
Thread Thread 2–10 Common 12–60
Tinderbox Tinderbox 1 Common 39
Uncut opal Uncut opal 1 Common 131
Clue scroll (easy) Clue scroll (easy) 1 Uncommon (1/50) Not sold
Coal Coal 1 Uncommon 138
Cowhide Cowhide 1 Uncommon 139
Damaged armour Damaged armour 1 Uncommon Not sold
Grimy guam leaf Grimy guam leaf 1 Uncommon 8
Grimy marrentill Grimy marrentill 1 Uncommon 11
Grimy tarromin Grimy tarromin 1 Uncommon 109
Iron ore Iron ore 1 Uncommon 45
Rusty sword Rusty sword 1 Uncommon Not sold
Uncut jade Uncut jade 1 Uncommon 156
Raw chicken Raw chicken 1 Uncommon 43

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