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Half certificates are used during the Shield of Arrav quest. When a player returns their half of the Shield to Curator Haig Halen of the Varrock Museum, they will receive one half of the certificate, depending on whether they joined the Phoenix Gang or the Black Arm Gang. There are two different certificate halves. Once combined, one can not trade the full certificate. The full certificate must be given to King Roald to complete the Shield of Arrav quest.


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The bearer of this certificate has brought both halves of the legendary Shield of Arrav to me, Haig Halen, Curator of the Varrock Museum. I have examined the shield and am satisfied as to its authenticity. I recommend to his majesty, King Roald III, that the bearer is rewarded as per Proclimation 252 of the year 143 in the 5th age, by King Roald II.
— The text of the full certificate


  • Half certificates can be put into the party room chest, and other players can obtain them, even if they have finished the quest.

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