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Half full wine jug detail.png

A Half full wine jug is obtained after completing a midsummer ritual during midsummer events. Drinking a half full wine jug will restore 7 Hitpoints.

It is not advised to drink Half full wine jugs as they are more expensive than most other food items that heal just as much or more. They are more valuable as a collector's item.


During the summer of 2013, it was dropped in a random location and when picked up would spawn in another place. It did not spawn very frequently and was only found by a few hundred players at the time, due to being paired with the Zombie head that spawned a lot more often than it did.

A Half full wine jug could also be obtained by completing at least one task during the 2017 Midsummer event.


  • Interestingly enough, a half full wine jug heals more than half as much as a full jug of wine.