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Ham gloves detail.png

H.A.M. gloves are gloves worn by H.A.M. members. When worn, players are slightly less likely to be kicked out of the H.A.M. Hideout when pickpocketing male and female H.A.M. members. Wearing this will not increase player's chances of success pickpocketing, however.[1]

These can be obtained by thieving H.A.M. members or by killing H.A.M. guards. H.A.M. Clothing is usually worn for show, although it is a requirement for the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest. They can also be obtained during The Lost Tribe quest. 

Players can store the gloves, as part of a full set of H.A.M. robes, in the Armour case of the Costume room of a Player-owned house.