Hameln the Jester chathead

Hameln is a jester who can be found in the dungeon beneath the town of Slepe. He travelled to Slepe after hearing about it in a poem at the College of Bards in Varlamore.

He is the travelling companion of Hanchen the Hound and the Painted One. According the Hameln, they have travelled eastward to arrive at Slepe and have crossed many oceans to do so, implying they come from the continent of Zeah.

Players must speak to him in order to receive Buried alive.


  • Player: Play us a song!
  • Hameln the Jester: Not now, perhaps another time.
  • Player: Oh, alright.
  • Player: You don't look like a local.
    • Hameln the Jester: Me? Not at all, that thief over there and the tattooed guy upstairs are my travelling companions, we travel from afar.
    • Player: How far?
    • Hameln the Jester: We travelled eastwards over many oceans.
    • Player: Why travel all this way to sit in a dirty cave?
    • Hameln the Jester: I ask myself the same question, but we're on a quest, of sorts. You see, I found a poem in the college of bards that told of this town, it seemed worthy of exploring.
    • Player: College of Bards? Can't say I've heard of it.
    • Hameln the Jester: Oh, it's beautiful! Have you not visited the grand kingdom of Varlamore? The college is but one of many attractions.
    • Player: Oh really? Perhaps I should go there sometime.
    • Hameln the Jester: You won't regret it!
  • Player: What're you doing down here?
    • Hameln the Jester: We were told to follow the rats and they led us to this tomb.
    • Player: Doesn't look much like a tomb.
    • Hameln the Jester: Well, it may not have been a tomb to begin with, but we're to believe it became one.
    • Player: Where are all the bodies?
    • Hameln the Jester: In the sanctuary below, this is just the entrance. As you can see, it has been blocked.
    • Player: How do you know all this?
    • Hameln the Jester: Oh, I found this when searching around the church above.
    • The Jester hands you an old piece of parchment.
    • Player: Interesting, I'll give it a read!
  • Player: Bye!
    • Hameln the Jester: Farewell, traveller.

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