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Hans is an NPC found in Lumbridge. He is within the castle walls but outside of the castle itself and walks around the castle clockwise. He wears a red shirt and grey pants and can be the NPC a player must talk to in The Lost Tribe and Death to the Dorgeshuun. A player may also need to speak to Hans for the clue scroll anagram, "Snah".

You can find your time spent online as well as how long ago your account was created, in days, by right-clicking age on him or by his dialogue's fourth option.

Treasure Trails


  • Snah - No answer

Cryptic clues

  • Speak to Hans to solve the clue.
  • Snah? I feel all confused, like one of those cakes...


  • Hans was the first NPC to exist in the game.
  • Hans is also the brother of the flax keeper.
  • When running scared he can be lured out of the castle walls as far as the H.A.M. Hideout's ruined chapel.