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The hardleather body is low-level Ranged armour. It may be equipped in the torso slot by players with 1 Ranged and 10 Defence. It provides better protection from melee, magic, and ranged attacks than the leather body and grants a modest boost to one's ranged accuracy.

Players may craft a hardleather body with 28 Crafting. This requires a piece of hard leather, a needle, and thread, and grants 35 Crafting experience. Crafting hardleather bodies can give 80k xp/hr, and is relatively cheap compared to other methods. Many players choose to use this method for precisely these reasons.

It can also be purchased from Aaron's Archery Appendages in the Ranging Guild.

A hardleather body can be required for easy and medium clues.

"Wave along the south fence of the Lumber Yard. Equip a hard leather body, leather chaps and a bronze axe."

"Cry in the Catherby Ranging shop. Bow before you talk to me. Equip blue gnome boots, a hard leather body and an unblessed silver sickle."