Harralander detail

Harralander is a herb that can be cleaned at level 20 Herblore. It can be obtained as a monster drop or through the Farming skill, with a level of 26, by planting a harralander seed in a herb patch. It is used to make Guthix rest potions, restore potions, Greenman's ale, energy potions, combat potions, compost potions and harralander tar.


Potion/item Level Second
XP Effect/usage
Guthix rest Guthix rest Herblore icon
Marrentil 59.5 Reduces damage taken by poison by 1 hitpoint per dose, heals 5 hitpoints per dose, restores 5% run energy and boosts the maximum life points by 5 at full health.
Compost potion(3) Compost potion Herblore icon
Volcanic ash 60 Use on Compost to make Super compost.
Restore potion(3) Restore potion

Herblore icon

Red spiders' eggs 62.5 Restores 30% +10 points of Defence, Attack, Strength, Magic, and Ranged.
Also used to make Guthix balance.
Greenman's ale Greenman's ale*

Cooking icon

None 281 (Cooking xp) Heals 1 hitpoint, as well as raises Herblore by 1 point temporarily while decreasing Attack, Strength and Defence.
Energy potion(3) Energy potion

Herblore icon

Chocolate dust 67.5 Each dose restores 10 run energy.
Combat potion(3) Combat potion

Herblore icon

Goat horn dust 84 Temporarily raises Attack and Strength by 10% +3 levels.
Harralander tar Harralander tar

Herblore icon

15 Swamp tar 72.5 Used as ammunition for black salamanders.
Used as bait to lure black salamanders.

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