Harrallak Menarous chathead.png

Harrallak Menarous is the owner of the Warriors' Guild, and can be found in the main hall.

Harrallak is allegedly a professional duelist who is a master of the rapier. If players ask him to fence, he will decline, saying he "doesn't want to harm you" and that it would "ruin his reputation."

The Warriors' Guild is located in the west side of Burthorpe, north of Taverley, and south of the Death Plateau. To enter, the player's Attack and Strength levels added together must be equivalent or greater than 130, or have a level of 99 in either Attack or Strength.


  • Harrallak appears to be wearing a green Musketeer hat, although the only colour available to players is red. He also seems to be wielding a rapier. The hair under his hat appears to be a leather cowl; it is unknown if this is a piece of clothing, or his hair.

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