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Hassan is in the southern room of the ground floor of Al Kharid palace. He is the chancellor to the desert nation of Al Kharid, a large city on the northernmost fringe of the vast Kharidian Desert. Hassan, prior to completing Prince Ali Rescue, is the acting ruler of Al Kharid in place of the Emir. He is also the start and ending points for the quest.

If spoken to, Hassan will give the player a free jug of water.


Hassan has loyally served the Emir for some time, keeping a close eye on the economic state of Al Kharid. As the Emir's advisor, his voice is one of the strongest in Al Kharid, and has largely been responsible for the city's recent financial success.

Recently, the Emir's son and heir to the throne, Prince Ali, was kidnapped by Lady Keli, an infamous mercenary killer known for her underhanded business tactics. Imprisoning Ali in her guarded prison in the forest east of Draynor Village, she demanded a massive ransom in exchange for Ali's safe return to Al Kharid. Threatening to cut off his fingers, she awaited the Emir's payment.

The Emir, emotionally distressed by the events, hid himself within his secret chambers. In no fit state to rule, the Emir's position was temporarily given to Hassan. Hassan, hoping to save Ali with paying Keli's massive ransom, began to work with Osman, the city's trained spymaster.

During the Prince Ali Rescue quest, players help to save Prince Ali with the help of Osman and his daughter, Leela. Once the quest is finished, the Emir and Ali continue to remain hidden.

Even after the hostage crisis, Hassan continues working hard to keep the city safe. He was largely responsible for the recent peace deal with the Menaphites of the southern desert, with whom Al Kharid had long been engaged in war. He's also keeping a close watch on Ali Morrisane, a trader that recently arrived from Pollnivneach and has since been involved in a number of controversial business arrangements.

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