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Start point Speak to the Zealot at the mines in Morytania on the path to Mort'ton. Speak to the Zealot at the mines in Morytania on the path to Mort'ton.
Official difficulty Experienced
Description Recent forays into Morytania by some of Saradomin's more fanatical supporters have unearthed murky rumours concerning an abandoned mine in the south. Legend speaks of an unusual material, hidden in the depths of the mines, that is somehow linked to the desolation and fear that now surrounds the place. Do you have the nerve to find out more, and enter the haunted mines of Morytania?
Length Medium


  • 40 Prayer icon.png Prayer
  • 60+ in a selected combat style (It is possible to do it below 60, for example, with Iban's Blast)
Items required
  • A chisel (can be acquired during the quest)
  • Equipment to kill a level 95 enemy


Enemies to defeat Treus Dayth (level 95)


Starting out

The Abandoned Mine is located south-west of Mort Myre Swamp.

The fastest way to reach the Haunted Mine is by teleporting to Link to Mort'ton Mort'ton with a Item image of %7B%7B%3AMort%27ton+teleport%7D%7D, File:Mort'ton teleport.png Mort'ton teleport scroll (which can be bought from the Link to Grand Exchange Grand Exchange), or a Link to Shades of Mort'ton (minigame) Shades of Mort'ton minigame Link to Minigame Group Finder teleport (must have completed the Shades of Mort'ton quest to be able to use this teleport).

For the boss fight, high level food is strongly recommended, as you will take a lot of damage at all levels. If you have no previous experience (or limited memory) of the fight, read the "boss fight" section below in the quest guide. It is important to be well-prepared for the fight!

Bring all the items required to finish the quest, including supplies for the boss fight (don't forget to bring a Item image of %7B%7B%3Adruid+pouch%7D%7D, File:druid pouch.png druid pouch if travelling through the swamps). To begin the quest, players need to head to the Link to Abandoned Mine Abandoned Mine, which can be found in the south-west part of the Link to Mort Myre Swamp Morytania Swamps. From Link to Canifis Canifis, head west and enter the swamps through the gate. Travel south along the Link to River Salve River Salve. Begin along the long winding path to Link to Mort'ton Mort'ton. At the most south-west part of the path is the starting point of this quest. Look for a grey field on the minimap.

Travel times may be shortened by using the following Link to Fairy rings fairy ring codes:

  • cks - West of Link to Canifis Canifis at the entrance gate of the swamp
  • bkr - South of Canifis a short ways into the swamp
  • bip - On an island west of the Link to Nature Grotto Nature Grotto, which lies in the southern part of the swamp. You'll need level 50 Skill icon of Agility, File:Agility icon.png Agility to cross a stepping stone to get to Link to Morytania Morytania.

Provided that you have completed the Link to Shades of Mort'ton Shades of Mort'ton quest, you can also use the Shades of Mort'ton Link to Minigame Group Finder minigame teleport in the minigames' tab.

Saradominist zealot

The Zealot.

In the area north of the Abandoned Mine, a Chat head image of Zealot, File:Zealot chathead.png Zealot is walking around. Tell him you are on the path of Saradomin and you seek challenges and quests. He will tell you about the secret cave and the Item image of %7B%7B%3Asalve+amulet%7D%7D, File:salve amulet.png salve amulet. He has a key, but will refuse to give it to the player.

Link to Thieving#Pickpocketing Pickpocket him to get the Item image of %7B%7B%3Azealot%27s+key%7D%7D, File:zealot's key.png zealot's key, which is needed later in the quest. Do not forget to get this, or you will have to send another mushroom later on.

Warning: There are level 61 Feral Vampyres in this next area!

Walk south of Zealot to the cart track. Towards the end, climb over the second-to-last cart and walk past the last cart. Go through the cart tunnel.

Cave level 1

Main article: Abandoned Mine

In the cave, follow the cart track west. Ignore the two ladders going down and continue west through the cave exit to end up outside next to the Link to River Salve River Salve. Walk south following the tracks to a second cave entrance. Once inside, go east. You will find a ladder at the end of the blocked path. Go down the ladder to the next level in the cave.

Cave level 2

Head directly east, and go down another ladder.

Cave level 3

Follow the path to the cart track running north to south. Do not get hit by the mine cart that is moving along on the track. Wait for the cart to head south. Follow the cart south and wait in the safe spot (alcove) on the west side of the track. When the cart passes north, run south to the ladder. Climb down to Cave Level 4.

Cave level 4

Cave Level 4 map.

The Level 4 cave has several landmarks which are marked on the map to the right. The corresponding letters show the locations of each landmark.

  • (F) The Item image of %7B%7B%3AGlowing+fungus%7D%7D, File:Glowing fungus.png glowing fungi
  • (G) The point-set panel (map of mine tracks)
  • (H) The cart
  • (I) The levers A, B, C, D, and E
  • (J) The levers F, G, H, I, J, and K
  • (K) The water valve
  • (L) A Item image of %7B%7B%3Achisel%7D%7D, File:chisel.png chisel spawn
  • (M) The water-powered lift

Glowing fungus

The player is currently at Ladder (7) in the south part of the map. Head east and pick a Item image of %7B%7B%3Aglowing+fungus%7D%7D, File:glowing fungus.png glowing fungus (F) growing in the pools around you.

The glowing fungus is the light source required to access the deepest level of the mines, no other light source will work. Unfortunately, daylight exposure will cause them to crumble to Item image of %7B%7B%3Aashes%7D%7D, File:ashes.png ashes, so do not take glowing fungi outside of the cave. Random events will also cause the fungi to turn to ash. Be sure to dismiss them as soon as they appear. Instead, the complex system of mine carts will be used to transport the fungi light source to the correct part of the cave.

Note: If you die during the boss fight, you will need to get another glowing fungus and send it through the mine cart again, but you will not need to set the levers again as they will remain the same.

The cart

After picking a Item image of %7B%7B%3Aglowing+fungus%7D%7D, File:glowing fungus.png glowing fungus (F), continue north-west. On the west side of a pool is a searchable cart. Place the fungus in the cart (H).

The track map

The mine cart route solution.

From the mine cart, head north and then west to the track map (G) which operates the cart system. Click the points settings panel on the northern wall of the corridor. Pressing the red start button sets the cart system in motion. The objective is to get the cart from the start position on the left to the exit point at the ladder in the top right corner. Look at the directional arrows highlighted in red in the picture. Take a picture of your map to see which levers need to be pulled in order to match your track map to the solution map.

Levers A-E.

Levers F-K.

The switches A, B, C, D, and E on the track map correspond to levers that can be found at Location (I) on the Link to Haunted Mine#Cave level 4 Cave Level 4 map. Levers F, G, H, I, J, and K are at Location (J). Right-click and examine each lever or refer to the images to understand their exact placements.

First, go to Location (I) by heading south-east and then north. Click the levers that correspond to the intersections on your track map that need to be switched.

Next, go to Location (J) by returning to the track map panel and continuing north-west. Again, click the levers that correspond to the intersections on your track map that need to be switched.

Go back to the track map (G). Check to make sure that the route on your map directs the mine cart to the ladder. Then operate the mine cart by pressing the red button, and the map will show the path of the mine cart.

If a setting is incorrect, the cart ends up in the wrong location. When that happens, the Item image of %7B%7B%3Aglowing+fungus%7D%7D, File:glowing fungus.png glowing fungus is removed from the cart. In that case, pick another glowing fungus and put it in the cart (H). Operate the appropriate levers to fix the problem and hit the red button again.

The location of the cart is next to the north-west stairs (5) shown in the Cave Level 4 map.

Note: If your character doesn't make a comment about the location of the cart, put another mushroom in and send the cart off again.

Finding the cart again

Cave Level 4 map.

Players now need to get to the cart's new location. Starting from Cave Level 4:

  • Go back up the ladder (7) near the Item image of %7B%7B%3AGlowing+fungus%7D%7D, File:Glowing fungus.png glowing fungi spawn to Cave Level 3.
  • Walk north on the track, avoiding the cart. Take the first path to the east. Climb up the ladder at the end of the path to arrive on Cave Level 2.
  • Go west and up the ladder to Cave Level 1.
  • Go west and exit the cave to the Link to River Salve River Salve.
  • Go north and enter the northern cave.
  • Climb down the first ladder immediately to the east to arrive back on Cave Level 2.
  • Head north-east. Climb down the ladder to Cave Level 3.
  • Head west to the northern corner of the cave and climb down the ladder. Search the nearby cart and take the glowing fungus that was put in earlier. (Don't take the glowing fungus out if you aren't ready for the fight.) Don't lose or drop the fungus until you have completed the quest!
  • If there is no fungus in the cart, repeat the previous process starting by placing a new glowing fungus in the cart (H).

Water valve

Warning: For the final part of the quest, you will need good Link to armour armour and a good Link to Weapons weapon, while having plenty of high-healing Link to food food and an emergency teleport in your inventory. In addition to this, a Super energy(1).png super energy potion, or even better yet, a Stamina potion(1).png stamina potion, is highly recommended since killing the Treus Dayth.png ghost requires a lot of running!

Go back up the ladder. Head all the way east past a ladder and then south past a moving cart. Climb down the ladder to arrive at Cave Level 4.

Head south-east down the western corridor. Pick up the Item image of %7B%7B%3Achisel%7D%7D, File:chisel.png chisel from the spawn on top of a crate if you did not bring one. Locate the water valve on the east side of the large pipe. Use Item image of %7B%7B%3AZealot%27s+key%7D%7D, File:Zealot's key.png Zealot's key on the valve to activate the water flow. A Chat head image of ghost, File:ghost chathead.png ghost will appear and will try to shut off the valve. Run quickly around the water pipe system to the elevator lift and "Go down Lift" to Cave Level 5. The elevator remains operational after the initial activation, so Zealot's key is no longer needed. Chat head image of Zealot, File:Zealot chathead.png Zealot can be pickpocketed again to obtain another key.

Cave Level 5 - Staircase 14 leads down to Treus Dayth. Staircase 15 leads down to the Crystal Mine. For more details, see this.

The elevator will drop the player into a pool of water. From the elevator, walk south onto the track and follow it to the east. Proceed down the staircase. With the Item image of %7B%7B%3Aglowing+fungus%7D%7D, File:glowing fungus.png glowing fungus, the cave will be properly lit. Go west through the door to a big room with cranes and carts. This room is where the boss fight will take place. Do not take the key until you are completely ready to begin!

The boss fight

Important note: Read this part fully before entering the fight if you're not experienced with the fight! Especially if you're low Combat!

This boss fight is difficult and should not be taken lightly. High-healing food is recommended. The surrounding environment is more dangerous than the actual Treus Dayth.png ghost. A highly viable strategy for low to mid-level players who can equip Item image of %7B%7B%3AIban%27s+staff%7D%7D, File:Iban's staff.png Iban's staff (requiring 50 Skill icon of Attack, File:Attack icon.png Attack, Skill icon of Magic, File:Magic icon.png Magic, and completion of Link to Underground Pass Underground Pass) is to use Link to Iban Blast Iban Blast, as it hits accurately (especially against this boss) and very hard. If using Link to Melee Melee, bring the highest-hitting Link to Weapons#Weapon requirements melee weapon you can use, such as a Link to Two-handed sword 2h sword (Item image of %7B%7B%3AZamorak+godsword%7D%7D, File:Zamorak godsword.png Zamorak godsword works well as the special will prevent him from teleporting) or Item image of %7B%7B%3Ahalberd%7D%7D, File:halberd.png halberd, as this boss has a high chance to teleport somewhere else after being hit.

Important tip: If things get heavy and too difficult, you can walk out by the door on the east and easily re-pot there, manage Skill icon of prayer, File:prayer icon.png prayer, heal up, etc. The instance will not reset, and Treus Dayth.png Treus will still be at the same amount of health as to when you left the door.

During the fight, carts and cranes around the room will start to operate and can cause major harm, so players should avoid them when possible. The cranes are stationary and can hit hard, but they are inaccurate and easily avoided by staying out of their reach. The carts can only move along the track they are on, similar to the other carts in the dungeon. However, these carts are dangerous because they can hit hard — rapidly up to 7 damage while dragging a player along the track. Additionally, Link to pickaxe pickaxes will be constantly thrown at the player during the fight, hitting as much as 10 damage in one attack, so, even though it won't protect 100%, Link to Protect from Missiles Protect from Missiles is recommended for this fight. Magic attacks are very effective against him.

The crystal mine key appears suspiciously easy to take.

To start the fight, try to pick up the Item image of %7B%7B%3ACrystal-mine+key%7D%7D, File:Crystal-mine key.png innocent-looking key. Click continue, and the ghost Treus Dayth.png Treus Dayth (combat level 95) will appear and will start to attack after a small cut scene introduction. He will be identified on the minimap as a flashing yellow arrow. When chasing Treus Dayth, try to stay out of the way of the moving carts and the cranes. The ghost itself is not that strong, but the damage from the environment can be serious. The ghost will continually teleport after some hits are dealt — and the more the fight progresses, the sooner it will teleport, sometimes even after one hit, which is where weapons with a high maximum hit comes in handy — which makes killing this boss very difficult without Energy potion(1).png energy/Super energy(1).png super energy potions. A large supply of food and optionally potions is advised depending on your combat level. An emergency teleport, like the Item image of %7B%7B%3AEctophial%7D%7D, File:Ectophial.png Ectophial is very useful too. It is not possible to freeze the ghost from moving using Magic or Link to Ancient Magicks Ancient Magicks. Link to Crumble Undead Crumble Undead works well against him as does a Item image of %7B%7B%3ATrident+of+the+seas%7D%7D, File:Trident of the seas.png Trident of the seas or a Item image of %7B%7B%3ATrident+of+the+swamp%7D%7D, File:Trident of the swamp.png Trident of the swamp.

A player fighting Treus Dayth.

An example strategy that works quite well: bring a 4-dose Prayer potion(1).png Prayer potion, optionally a Ranging potion(1).png Ranging potion, and the best Link to Weapons#Ranged weapons Ranged weaponry you can muster, along with an inventory filled with food. Use Protect from Missiles at all times. When you reach Treus Dayth, switch on Link to Eagle Eye Eagle Eye to make your shots count, shoot, and then switch it off when he moves away (keep Protect from Missiles on). He likes moving between the northwestern and northeastern side of the room, in which case you are recommended to run along the northernmost cart track in the detached tunnel, where you only have to dodge one cart. If he moves south, try to hug the cavern walls to avoid the cranes as you approach him. However, don't hesitate while fighting — it's better to take a bit of extra damage and be faster than be indecisive and suffer as a result. Before fighting, you are also recommended to explore the room and practice how you are going to move around without taking too much damage — the machinery doesn't activate before the fight.

Using a Item image of %7B%7B%3ADragon+dagger%7D%7D, File:Dragon dagger.png Dragon dagger is also a good alternative. The dragon dagger Link to Special attacks special attack hits twice in one go, but this boss will only receive one of those hits before he moves away to a new spot and before you even get to him the second attack from the dagger will automatically hit him. You can keep using this tactic on the boss with minimum movement as you can use the dragon dagger's special attack numerous times during the fight.

A good mid-tier magic attack that works effectively is Link to Iban Blast Iban Blast, or even Link to Fire Bolt Fire Bolt wearing Item image of %7B%7B%3Achaos+gauntlets%7D%7D, File:chaos gauntlets.png chaos gauntlets on the cheap. The only downside to magic is that Link to Armour/Magic armour magic armour provides very little Ranged Defence; however, since the boss has negative magic defence, you can have a negative magic attack bonus of -35 or higher and still hit consistently. This allows for a set such as Item image of %7B%7B%3Arune+platebody%7D%7D, File:rune platebody.png rune platebody/Item image of %7B%7B%3ARune+platelegs%7D%7D, File:Rune platelegs.png platelegs/Item image of %7B%7B%3ARune+kiteshield%7D%7D, File:Rune kiteshield.png kiteshield, Item image of %7B%7B%3Afarseer+helm%7D%7D, File:farseer helm.png farseer helm, Item image of %7B%7B%3Aamulet+of+glory%7D%7D, File:amulet of glory.png amulet of glory, Item image of %7B%7B%3ABarrows+gloves%7D%7D, File:Barrows gloves.png Recipe for Disaster gloves/chaos gauntlets, and Item image of %7B%7B%3Aboots+of+lightness%7D%7D, File:boots of lightness.png boots of lightness with Iban's staff/Link to Elemental staves elemental staff to be an effective set both for damage and defence against the boss. Combined with decent food/prayer potions, you should be able to kill this boss fairly easy by just Link to Protect from Missiles praying range and running back and forth along the northern tunnel if possible.

Getting the crystal

The long sought-after crystal mine.

After defeating Treus Dayth.png Treus Dayth, pick up the innocent-looking key, which in fact is the Item image of %7B%7B%3Acrystal-mine+key%7D%7D, File:crystal-mine key.png crystal-mine key. Now, head back east through the door and climb up the stairs. Walk west until you reach another staircase and head down. Walk down the corridor. The crystal-mine key opens the large door to a room with a Link to crystal outcrop crystal outcrop in the south-east corner. Use a Item image of %7B%7B%3Achisel%7D%7D, File:chisel.png chisel to cut a piece from the crystal outcrop. If you forgot your chisel, go back up the lift and pick a chisel on a crate. You will obtain a Item image of %7B%7B%3Asalve+shard%7D%7D, File:salve shard.png salve shard. Be sure to cut extras for backup! Quest Complete!

Additional tips


Haunted Mine reward scroll.png


  • The Mischievous ghost who attempts to shut the water valve and stop the lift will wail "wooo ooo oooo", even when wearing a Item image of %7B%7B%3Aghostspeak+amulet%7D%7D, File:ghostspeak amulet.png ghostspeak amulet.