This article is about the head mourner in the HQ basement. For the head mourner in West Ardougne, see Head mourner (West Ardougne).

Head mourner chathead.png

The Head Mourner is the chief of the Mourners. He was employed by King Lathas to contain the plague in West Ardougne. After he learned Elena was investigating West Ardougne for details of the plague supposedly brought on by the return of King Tyras he ordered her imprisonment for fear she would learn in truth the plague was a lie to masquerade a war going on in the western lands. The Head Mourner then tried to gain access to the Temple of Light but is foiled by an adventurer during Mourning's Ends Part I and II. He can be found in his office in northeastern West Ardougne. If players lose or drop the key provided during the quest, you may search his desk for a replacement.

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