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Headless arrow detail.png

Headless arrows are used in the making of arrows through the Fletching skill. 15 headless arrows can be made by attaching 15 feathers (of almost any type) to 15 arrow shafts, granting 15 Fletching experience.

To finish the arrows, the player should attach 15 arrowtips to the headless arrows. The player will then receive 15 completed arrows. Players are given different Fletching experience based on the type of arrow tips they use. Arrowheads from the Varrock Museum cannot be attached to headless arrows. Finished arrows can then be used in the Ranged skill.

When making headless arrows, there is not a "Make-X" option, only "Make 10," being the highest. This is most likely because players would be able to make unlimited amounts of arrows, therefore levelling Fletching while "afk" due to both headless arrows and arrowtips stacking in the inventory.