A Hedge marks a physical boundary in player-owned houses as well as in the quest Witch's House. During the quest, if the hedge is in between the player and the Witch, the witch will not be able to see the player. When examined it states (keeps the neighborhood out!).

In Construction, a hedge can be purchased from the Garden supplier and placed in a Formal Garden within a Player-owned house. There are seven different types of hedges that can be built into a Player-owned house:

Thorny hedgeThorny hedge icon561 Bagged thorny hedge, 1 watering can70
Nice hedgeNice hedge icon601 Bagged nice hedge, 1 watering can100
Small box hedgeSmall box hedge icon641 Bagged small box hedge, 1 watering can122
Topiary hedgeTopiary hedge icon681 Bagged topiary hedge, 1 watering can141
Fancy hedgeFancy hedge icon721 Bagged fancy hedge, 1 watering can158
Tall fancy hedgeTall fancy hedge icon761 Bagged tall fancy hedge, 1 watering can223
Tall box hedgeTall box hedge icon801 Bagged tall box hedge, 1 watering can316

A player will receive an equal amount of both construction and farming experience when a hedge is built.

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