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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
|name = Hendor's Awesome Ores
|image = [[File:Yarsul's Prodigious Pickaxes.png|300px]]
|release = 22 June [[2017]]
|update = Mining Guild Expansion
|members = No
|icon = No
|location = [[Mining Guild]]
|owner = [[Hendor]]
|special = [[Mining#Mineable items|Ores]]
|map = [[File:Hendor location.png]]
'''Hendor's Awesome Ores''' is a store that sells [[Mining#Mineable items|ores]] inside the [[Mining Guild]]'s outer area. The shop is run by [[Hendor]].
This store has zero stock by default; therefore, it is purely a placeholder for a player wishing to sell their resources from the mines to the store.
{{StoreLine|Name=Copper ore|Stock=0|Sell=3|Buy=2}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Tin ore|Stock=0|Sell=3|Buy=2}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Iron ore|Stock=0|Sell=17|Buy=11}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Mithril ore|Stock=0|Sell=162|Buy=113}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Adamantite ore|Stock=0|Sell=400|Buy=280}}
{{StoreLine|Name=Runite ore|Stock=0|Sell=3200|Buy = 2240}}
{{Mining Guild}}
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