Here be penguins is a cluster of small arctic islands north of Etceteria and Miscellania that are only inhabited by penguins. One of the smaller islands can be accessed using Fairy ring AJS, but the others can only be seen from the shore to the north-west of Miscellania and south-east of Etceteria. The island with the fairy ring contains a number of penguins, but no other features.

In addition to the fairy ring island, the larger island north-west of Miscellania has more penguins, although they can only be attacked with Magic or Ranged, and a small island on its shore has a Macaroni Penguin, which can only be examined. Here Be Penguins was released before the Cold War quest, which introduced the penguin iceberg to the north-west of it.


  • Its name is a play on how medieval mapmakers supposedly wrote "Here be dragons" on unknown territory.
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