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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
{{Infobox island
|name = Here be penguins
|image = [[File:Here be penguins.png|300px]]
|release = 29 November [[2004]]
|update = Throne Of Miscellania
|members = Yes
|sea = [[Lunar Sea]]
|kingdom = [[Miscellania]]
|banks = None
|altars = None
|tele = [[Fairy Rings|Fairy Ring Code]] {{fairycode|AJS}}
|guilds = None
|music = None
|race = [[Penguin (race)|Penguins]]
|map = [[File:Here be penguins map.png]]
'''Here be penguins''' is a cluster of small arctic islands north of [[Etceteria]] and [[Miscellania]] that are only inhabited by [[penguin]]s. One of the smaller islands can be accessed using [[Fairy rings|Fairy ring]] {{fairycode|AJS}}, but the others can only be seen from the shore to the north-west of [[Miscellania]] and south-east of [[Etceteria]]. The island with the fairy ring contains a number of [[penguin]]s, but no other features.
In addition to the fairy ring island, the larger island north-west of Miscellania has more penguins, although they can only be attacked with [[Magic]] or [[Ranged]], and a small island on its shore has a [[Macaroni Penguin]], which can only be examined. Here Be Penguins was released before the [[Cold War]] [[quest]], which introduced the penguin [[iceberg]] to the north-west of it.
== Trivia ==
*Its name is a play on how medieval mapmakers supposedly wrote "{{wp|Here be dragons}}" on unknown territory.

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