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{{Infobox Mines
|name = Heroes' Guild mine
|image= [[File:Heroes' Guild dungeon runite.png]]
|location = [[Heroes' Guild]] basement
|members = Yes
|rocks = 11 [[Coal rock]]s <br /> 2 [[Mithril rock]]s <br /> 2 [[Adamantite rock]]s <br /> 2 [[Runite rock]]s
|monsters = [[Giant bat]]s
[[Blue dragon]]
|requirements = [[Heroes' Quest]] completed
| map = [[File:Heroes' Guild location.png|250px]]
The '''Heroes' Guild mine''' is a mine located in the basement of the [[Heroes' Guild]]. Players must have completed the [[Heroes' Quest]] to enter. It is notable because it contains two of only four [[Runite ore]] rocks found outside of the [[Wilderness]], which has a total of six. The mine features:
*11 [[Coal rock]]s
*2 [[Mithril rock]]s
*2 [[Adamant rock]]s
*2 [[Runite rock]]s
[[File:Heroes' Guild dungeon map.png|365px|centre]]
There are several non-aggressive [[giant bat]]s, as well as a caged [[blue dragon]]. The nearest bank is in the [[Rogues' Den]] or the [[Warriors' Guild]], though a teleport may be a better idea if using a [[Games necklace]] to return to [[Burthorpe]].

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