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This is the quick guide for Heroes' Quest.
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Start point Quest point icon Outside the Heroes' Guild; north of Taverley. Speak with Achietties.
Official difficulty Experienced
Description Prove you are worthy to enter the Heroes' Guild. To prove your status as a hero you will need to obtain a number of items. There are many challenges standing between you and these items.
Length Medium-Long (can be completed in less than 25 minutes if you already have a partner and all the required items)


  • 70 Agility icon Agility (boostable) - For lava eel if going to Taverley Dungeon. Saves a lot of running, although Stamina Potion is an easy workaround.
Items required

If you are a Black Arm Gang member:

If you are a Phoenix Gang member:


Note: beware of level 32 Black Knights and level 33 King Scorpions

Enemies to defeat


Starting out

  • Talk to Achietties outside the Heroes' Guild in Burthorpe. (Chat 14)

Lava eel

  • Talk to Gerrant, the fishing shop owner in Port Sarim about lava eels. (Chat 3)
  • Buy a fishing rod and some bait if you do not have them.
  • Use the blamish snail slime on your harralander (unf) to create blamish oil.
  • Right-click to use the oil on your rod.
  • You can visit the Wilderness Lava Maze to obtain the eel, but it is advised against due to its location.
  • Travel to the Taverley Dungeon.

If you already have a dusty key (steel key ring with dusty key works), or 70 Agility, skip the next step.

Heroes' Quest - Taverly Dungeon route
  • To obtain a dusty key:
    • Use the map (pictured right) to find Velrak the explorer. He is in the southern part of the dungeon.
    • Kill the Jailer standing by the prison and use the key he drops to get into Velrak's cell.
    • Talk to him for the dusty key. Do not ask for a reward.
  • Enter the area with the blue dragons, either by using your key on the locked door or take the agility shortcut.
  • Run to the southernmost lava pool.
  • Catch a lava eel.
  • Cook the eel on a range or fire.

Master thieves' armband

The next part of this quest requires a companion who belongs to the opposite gang from the Shield of Arrav quest

*Joining the clan chat channel "Osrs Soa" may be beneficial for those who are trying to find a partner in the opposite gang. (Clan members will charge 100k for help though) Or by joining the Shield of Arrav clan chat in the minigames tab*

Instructions for Black Arm partner Instructions for Phoenix partner
  • Go to south-west Varrock and talk to Katrine in the Black Arm gang headquarters. (Chat 2)
  • Go to Brimhaven, the building east of the bar.
  • Gang password: Four leafed clover
  • Go to Brimhaven, the building east of the bar. Talk to Trobert. (Chat 11)
  • Equip your black armour
  • Enter the large mansion in the north-west part of town
  • Talk to Grip. (Chat 23)
  • Go to Varrock and talk to Straven in the Phoenix hideout
  • Gang password: Gherkin
Give the miscellaneous key to your partner Go to Brimhaven, take the miscellaneous key from your partner
Wait for your partner to finish
  • Inside Brimhaven food shop, talk to Alfonse the Waiter about gherkins (Chat 3)
  • Go through the door, talk to Charlie (Chat 12)
  • Enter the secret wall panel, through the yard, into the side door, then use the key on the north door
  • Enter the room north-east of the entrance and search the cupboard (Chat 1)
  • Grip will then come into the room. Close the door behind him
Wait for your partner to finish
Wait for your partner to finish Kill Grip (with ranged or magic)
  • Take Grip's key
  • Go to the north-west part of the building, use the key on the door
  • Take 2 candlesticks from the chest
Wait for your partner to finish
  • Give your partner 1 candlestick
  • Take your candlestick back to Katrine to recieve the Thieves' armband (Chat 1)
  • Trade your partner for a candlestick
  • Take your candlestick back to Straven to recieve the Thieves' armband (Chat 1)

Fire feather: (Skip to step 10 if you already have the ice gloves)

Ice Queen's Lair

Items Required: Pickaxe

  1. Equip combat gear and food to kill a level 111 Ice Queen.
  2. Go to White Wolf Mountain.
  3. Walk to the northern part of the mountain, mine the rockslide.
  4. Take the south ladder.
  5. Follow the tunnel south, go up the ladder.
  6. Take the east ladder down.
  7. Go through the long tunnel.
  8. Use the ladders at the end of the tunnel.
  9. Run north and kill the queen for her gloves.
  10. Equip the ice gloves.
  11. Travel to Entrana.
  12. Kill the Firebird near the Law altar take the fire feather.

Finishing up

  • Take the feather, eel and armband to Achietties.
  • Quest complete!


Heroes' Quest reward scroll

Required for completing

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