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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
|name= Herquin's Gems
|release = 8 May [[2001]]
|update = Runescape_updated_(8_May_2001)
|image= [[File:Herquin's Gems.png|300px]]
|map= [[File:Herquin location.png]]
|members= No
|location= [[Falador]]
|owner= [[Herquin]]
|special= [[Gems]]
|icon= [[File:Gem shop icon.png]]
'''Herquin's Gems''' is located in western [[Falador]] and owned by [[Herquin]]. His shop can be found just west of the [[White Knights' Castle]] and south of the west [[bank]].
This shop only stocks one cut and uncut [[sapphire]], and any other [[gems]] available in the shop were sold to it by players. Because other players will usually pay more for gems, this shop is often empty.
{{StoreLine|Name=Uncut sapphire |Stock=1 |Sell=25 |Buy=17 }}
{{StoreLine|Name=Uncut emerald |Stock=0 |Sell=50 |Buy=35 }}
{{StoreLine|Name=Uncut ruby |Stock=0 |Sell=100 |Buy=70 }}
{{StoreLine|Name=Uncut diamond |Stock=0 |Sell=200 |Buy=140 }}
{{StoreLine|Name=Sapphire |Stock=1 |Sell=250 |Buy=175 }}
{{StoreLine|Name=Emerald |Stock=0 |Sell=500 |Buy=350 }}
{{StoreLine|Name=Ruby |Stock=0 |Sell=1000 |Buy=700 }}
{{StoreLine|Name=Diamond |Stock=0 |Sell=2000 |Buy=1400 }}
==See also==
*[[Gem Trader]] - Another gem shop, located in [[Al Kharid]].

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