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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
{{Infobox non-player character
| name = Hervi
| image = [[File:Hervi.png|100px]]
| members = Yes
| quest = No
| location = [[Keldagrim]]
| shop = [[Green Gemstone Gems]]
| gender = Male
| examine = A gem stall owner, with goods from the deepest of mines.
| race = [[Dwarf]]
| map = [[File:Keldagrim Palace Map.png|200px]]
| release = 31 May [[2005]]
| update = Keldagrim - The Dwarven City}}
[[File:Hervi chathead.png|left]]
'''Hervi''' is the owner of [[Green Gemstone Gems]], a [[gem]] [[stall]] located in [[Keldagrim]]'s marketplace. He is a loyal member of the Green Gemstone, one of the eight companies that form the [[Consortium]].
Players can thieve from his stall, requiring 75 [[Thieving]] and yielding 160 Thieving experience on success, but players may be attacked by level 48 [[Black Guard]]s that hit hard and fast. His stall respawns at the same rate as the [[Ardougne Gem Stall]], which is 100 seconds.

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