Hitsplat is a term used to refer to the damage icon appearing above a player, an NPC, or a monster, while in combat. A hitsplat usually results in the reduction of hitpoints. A splat of disease usually results in a loss of skill points, but can also affect hitpoints. All hitsplats have a number in the centre, which determines the number of hitpoints or levels in a skill that you have either lost or gained.

Types of hitsplat

The colour of the hitsplat usually gives an indication of the type of damage and the number inside the amount of damage dealt. Hitsplat depicts the magnitude affection of an attack, effect, however a block or miss will always induce a 0, but the randomization result is never shown. Whenever a heavy damage is dealt, the same splat background is used, and it is possible for the number to overlap the splat's edge.

Image Colour Description Restoring method Members only?
Red hitsplat Red Regular damage from Melee, Magic, Ranged, Agility obstacles, Thieving traps, etc. Wait, eat or drink food, use Rapid Heal prayers, or have a certain NPC, such as Monks, heal you. No
Blue hitsplat Blue A hit of zero, inflicts no damage. It usually indicates either a missed/blocked attack, but can also rarely be a successful hit. N/A No
Poison hitsplat Green Poison, damages you from time to time (decreases over time). Drinking an Antipoison potion (or variations), using the Cure Me spell or waiting until it ends (not recommended). No
Disease hitsplat Orange Disease, drains stats. Drinking Relicym's balm or a Sanfew serum or waiting until it ends (not recommended). Yes
Venom hitsplat Dark Green Venom, damages you from time to time (increases over time). Drinking an Anti-venom or Anti-venom+ potion or using 2 doses of an antipoison potion. Yes
Heal hitsplat Magenta Used to represent an NPC healing its hitpoints. Currently used during the Vorkath, Grotesque Guardians, rune dragons, the Great Olm and Ranis Drakan fights. N/A Yes
Dawnbringer hitsplat Cyan Damage dealt to Verzik's Shield. Currently used exclusively in the first phase of the fight with Verzik Vitur. N/A Yes
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